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Plans Drawn In Pencil

In 2001, I moved from Owensboro, Kentucky to the San Francisco Bay Area to expand as an abstract artist.  Attending Notre Dame de Namur University (2001-2005) gave me a platform to find a sense of direction and a purpose for my art. 

       My work is very fluid, organic, and vibrant.  I enjoy experimenting with different texture qualities- adding adhesives, glitter, sequins, stone, and incense into my acrylic paint.  Most often, I finish a piece in one session.  Just as my art depicts a lot of movement- I also continuously move during a session.  It is a lucid trance or a psychotic dance with paint.   

       Music is a significant part of my life.  I enjoy an eclectic array of music anywhere from blues/jazz to ambient electronic.  I believe my art is about feeling these unique flavors of audio expression.  Music floats the creative mind into such blissfully surreal places. It aides in the meditation of creation.  Tap into the “intuitive” brain, let go, and see what flows onto the canvas.  I find my artwork embodies this.

       Through my artwork, I want to reawaken the pure natural intuitive response in each individual viewer.  I find that the most enjoyable aspect of my work is the response from the spectator.  I have always thought it similar to a type of Rorschach inkblot test response. My paintings trigger parts of the psyche, subconscious, or imagination to tell such fun stories for some viewers, whereas, other viewers only describe an emotional state.   I’m actually quite fond of what people have to say about my work and will continue to invite feedback.  One day I will put a microphone behind one of my paintings.  I’d hear…..

“I see multicolored birds (longneck geese, swans, doves) flying south for the winter. And, that little blue bird is caught in a tree!”

“This one, with woman dancing in a circle wearing beautiful Eighteenth century ballroom dresses.”

 “I see a crowd of tiny people as if I were looking down from atop a high building.”

       Through the years, I have witnessed my style slowly evolve/devolve.   I can’t explain what changes an artist’s style.  Inspiration I suppose.  My current series was initially inspired by the famous two minute footage of Jackson Pollock paining on glass.

Haley Goodlett




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